Welcome to Twig + Tale Blog Tour - Day 5

Day five, the second to last day - and our bloggers are still going strong. The four of them together made not less than fourteen Twig + Tale pieces, even though one of them had her fabrics delivered at the very last minute.

Nina from Fliegfederfrei sews for herself, her daughters' and also her husband's wardrobe. Not just the basics, she even sewed her own maternity wedding dress!  Her finishes are amazing and she does not shy away from spending a lot of time on them. For the blog tour she did not get much time though. Her fabrics only arrived last Friday, and she already handed in her sneak peek on Wednesday! Although she did not have so much time, her level of detail is as high as always. She made a Pathfinder Vest and Briar Doll. Nina used Art Gallery Streakly Business Gold to line the vest. More wonderful pictures in her blog post.

Abby from Milk Monster Momma is from the US and she sews for herself and her two small girls. For the tour she sewed five pieces! Besides the Pixie Pants and Pixie Hat, she sewed these three adorable Toad Stools. I know that half of the world is now moving toward spring, but in my part of the world, I can not think of a better decoration than these stools! For her sews she used, among others Bird of night, and Nox Iridescence. Check out her blog post to find more information about the other fabrics and see the cute ensemble she made her daughter.

Katy is representing  Pattern Revolution today. Pattern Revolution is a collection of amazing sewers, sharing their passion with a lot of readers. Katy, from Australia, clearly fits the bunch, she made four lovely pieces for today's post. Katy made a Pathfinder Vest, two Pixie Shorts and a Traveller Cape. Among other Art Gallery Fabrics she used Yinghua in Rainwater and Hidden Panda in Cottonbud. You just have to see how stinkingly cute those girls look in their amazing outfits, so hop over to the blog post.

Aimee from Small Steps Big Noises, is again from New Zealand. She loves to go out  adventuring with her family in the woods, at the shore, walking in the hills and up the mountain. For the tour she made a very nice and warm padded Pathfinder Vest. She lined the vest with Liten Ditsy Whisper click here to go to her post to read more.

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