How to Use a PDF Pattern

If you have never used a PDF pattern, this is a great place to start.  There are basically 4 simple steps and then you are ready to sew.  It is that easy!

1) Download
2) Print
3) Tape
4) Cut

Let's walk through the steps of using your new Twig + Tale PDF Pattern.

1) Download your pattern  

You will find a clickable download link in the receipt email, or if you have an account your download link can also be found there.  Simply click on it and choose to download the file to your computer or dropbox folder.


2)  Print your pattern.

Twig + Tale pattern pieces print perfectly on your home print using either US Letter paper (8 ½ x11”) or A4 paper with no scaling required.

Twig + Tale patterns also include layered pattern pieces.  This is a nifty feature which allows you to choose only the sizes you wish to print, and not the ones you don't.  

We recommend always printing from a desktop or laptop for accurate printing. Printing from your phone or tablet can produce inconsistent results.  Open your file with ACROBAT READER.  If you don't have Acrobat reader you can download it free here:   

Click on the layers icon (highlighted with circle in image below) while the file is open.  Click on the eyeballs to turn size layers on or off. Be sure to leave the bottom layer “Pages & Info” turned on. 

How to use a PDF pattern - layers

Select "Actual size", or "no scaling" or "100%" to ensure your pattern prints out at the correct scale.  This is important as if the scale is incorrect, your finished garment may not fit.

How To use a PDF Pattern - Print to scale

Print the first page of the pattern pieces and ensure the 1" or 2 cm square scale check boxes are correct by measuring one with a ruler, before printing the remainder of the pattern pieces.

How to use a PDF pattern - check scale

Save a tree!  There is no need to print out the tutorial section - simply view it on your phone, tablet or other reading device while sewing.  Twig + Tale tutorials have a clickable index which makes navigating super easy.  No need to waste a ream of paper on printing instructions anymore!  

At the end of each pattern you will also find a short printable sewing summary if you don't need the full instructions.


3) Tape your pattern

Firstly you will need to trim off the right hand and bottom edges of the pages along the main border (In the pic below I have trimmed the top left page).  Inside your pattern tutorial there will be a page assembly diagram indicating how to line up the pages - like a giant, easy, jigsaw puzzle. 

How to Use a PDF Pattern 2

Twig + Tale pattern pieces have multiple join guides - these are the light grey circles and triangles along the borders of the pages - which you simply align, to piece the pages together.  In the pic below you will see them nicely aligned and taped together.  Easy peasy.

How to use a PDF pattern 3

4) Cut out your pattern pieces

Once everything is assembled and all taped up, you are ready to either cut around the size line you are wishing to sew, or trace them onto paper.  If you are tracing, make sure to transfer any grain lines/notches/pocket placements that are on the pattern too.

Your pattern pieces are now ready to use.  So easy!

How to use a PDF pattern - cut out

Ready to sew

The tutorial section within Twig + Tale patterns is comprehensive and delightfully visual.  Every step is photographed and clearly explained - we want you to have a great experience, especially if you are trying sewing or doll making for the first time.

We are here to help.  Be sure to join the Twig + Tale community sewing group to ask questions, look for inspiration and show off your finished makes!  

Lisa xox