How to Add Bias Trim and Ties to the Petal Wrap Dress

Looking for an alternative, button-and snap-free method to fasten the Petal Wrap Dress?  Adding bias trim and ties is a simple modification that adds a sweet decorative detail - we love the look of the contrasting bias binding.  

The best part?  The dress is still fully reversible, giving you the versatility of having two lovely looks in one!


  • Homemade or store-bought bias binding, enough to go around edges of dress (2-4 metres, depending on size and which edges you would like to bind).  This blog post describes how to make homemade bias binding.  

Using the method described below, two sets of ties will be created - four in total.  Two of the ties will be made separately and basted to the side seams, and two will be created when the neck binding is applied in one long, continuous piece.  


1.  Cut and sew dress or tunic as instructed in tutorial up to Step 20.  Do not finish the side seams yet.  

2.  To prepare the first set of ties, cut 2 pieces of bias binding, each roughly 8" (20cm) - long enough so they can be tied in a bow.  Edgestitch the bias binding along the open edge, and finish one end of the tie.  

3.  Baste ties in place.  With main fabric facing out, baste one tie to the upper layer of fabric along the unfinished side on the right, 3/4" (2cm) below arm hole.  Ensure that the tie is basted to the top layer of fabric only, since the sides will be opened out to sew the side seams.

Turn dress so that lining fabric is facing out.  Baste the other tie to the upper layer of fabric along the unfinished side on the right, 3/4" (2cm) below arm hole.  

The ties will be on opposite sides of the dress.

4.  Sew side seams of dress as in Steps 20-24 of tutorial.  The ties will be sandwiched between the main and lining fabrics when the side seams are sewn up.  

5.  Continue sewing the dress up to and including Step 25.  

6.  If desired, sew bias binding around the front "petals" and around the bottom edge of the dress/tunic.  This post describes how to apply bias binding.

7.  This step will bind the neckline and create the second set of ties.  Cut a continuous length of bias binding that is long enough to go around the entire neckline of the dress, plus the length of two ties 16" (40cm).  

Apply bias binding around the neckline, leaving roughly 8" (20cm) hanging beyond each front edge - the overhanging binding will become the second set of ties.  Edgestich bias binding all the way to each end of the ties.  Finish the ends of the ties.   

Enjoy your Petal Wrap Dress with ties!  

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