Welcome to the Wings Sew-Along

Welcome to the Twig + Tale Wings Sew-Along!  We are so pleased to have an opportunity to gather with other members of the Twig + Tale sewing community to create some beautiful wings together.

Over the course of the Sew-Along, we'll go through the process of sewing wings from the Twig + Tale Wings Collection.  Each wing style is inspired by nature + fantasy, featuring beautiful shaping, detailed quilting lines, and contrast appliqué.  They are absolutely perfect for dress-up, costumes, and imaginative play.  

Though a bit more involved than most T+T patterns, we hope that you enjoy the process of tackling a slightly more challenging and detailed project.  The result is ever so satisfying - a pair of beautiful, unique wings that will last for years to come.    


How the Sew-Along works

We will publish a series of five articles, one for each part of the sew-along.  These articles outline goals for each part of the sew-along, and provide supplementary information to the pattern tutorial.  In keeping with our "slow-sewing" ethos, the sew-along is presented at a manageable pace, giving you time to enjoy the process and complete each step without feeling rushed.

Feel free to leave comments on the sew-along blog posts, or join our supportive and encouraging Twig + Tale Chat Facebook group to post questions, comments, and photos (tag your posts #TTWingsSewalong so we can find them!). We try our best to answer as many questions as possible, but encourage you to jump in and help each other out as well.  

After the final post is published, we'll give you another week to finish sewing your wings and posting them to Facebook or Instagram (#TTWingsSewalong).  Then, we'll highlight some of them in a round-up post and select a winner for our giveaway prize!   


How to Join

Subscribe to the Wings Sew-Along here and we'll send you a series of emails to help plan and pace your wing project.  

Then, if you'd like to join in for some camaraderie and fun as you create your Wings, join us in the Twig + Tale Chat group, or follow us on Instagram @twigandtale as we follow the Sew-along, too!


Your Sew-Along Host

My name is Angela Schade.  I help out behind the scenes at Twig + Tale, writing tutorials, articles, and sew-alongs for the T+T Blog.  I love working with beautiful natural fibres like linen and wool, and spend as much time as I can sewing, embroidering, or knitting.  


Sew-Along Posts 

Here is a list of the Wings Sew-Along blog posts.  We'll be working on them day-by-day in the group - but it you'd like to look a bit ahead if you have extra time, you certainly may!

Wings Sew-Along: Materials

  • A discussion of the types of fabric that are suitable for sewing the wings, as well as other supplies such as interfacing and batting.  

Wings Sew-Along: Part 1

  • Preparing to sew the wings, including printing the pattern, cutting, and using fusible interfacing.

Wings Sew-Along: Part 2

  • Creating a stitch template and quilting the detail lines.

Wings Sew-Along: Part 3

  • Stitching front and back wings together, turning, and topstitching.

Wings Sew-Along: Part 4

  •  Cutting and applying appliqué to the wings.

Wings Sew-Along: Part 5

  • Affixing the straps and sewing the body.

 Wings Sew-Along: Round-Up and FAQ

  • A permanent resource of Frequently Asked Questions about wing sewing.