This adjustment is for folks who need assistance with dressing due to long or short term mobility restrictions. Once sewn the dresser will be able to fully open the back of the garment.
  1. Mirror the back, collar and facing pieces (if the style you are using has a collar and back neck facing).
  1. Draw a straight line parallel to the grainline 2 1/4: (6cm) from the neck edge on one side of the neck. Copy this line onto the facing (if applicable). If you wish to make the overlap wider then draw the line closer to the shoulder. If there is a back neck facing you will need to extend this on one side to match the line position. If your style has a collar draw a line 3/8" (1cm) past the shoulder notch on one side
  • If your style has back neck binding then just mark the back piece
  • You can choose to curve off the line at the hem, or keep it straight (see curved option below)
  • Cut off the pattern pieces along these new lines
  1. Change the cutting instructions for the back to "Cut 1 Mirrored Pair"
  • If your style uses a collar and back facing change the cutting instructions to:
  • Collar "Cut x2 Mirrored Pairs"
  • Back Facing "Cut 1 Mirrored Pair"
  • If your style uses neck binding, cut 8" (20cm) extra binding
  1. Collared Tops: You can choose if you want to close your collar with hook and loop tape, snap domes or buttons. If using buttons you may use loops or buttonholes to close the buttons. If using hook and loop tape or button loops you will need to sew these to the collars BEFORE sewing the collars closed. The loops will be sewn into the ends you cut off by the shoulder notch.
  • The hook and loop tape will be sewn on the back section of the collars close to each shoulder seam. The hook and loop tape on the under collar will be sewn on the outside layer of the collar and the over collar tape will be sewn on the inside layer of the collar.
  • Bound neck tops: bound neck tops can be closed with buttons+loops or hook and loop tape. If you want to use snap domes or buttons you will need to add some reinforcing interfacing behind the fabric to prevent the domes/buttons tearing the fabric.
  1. Memory press the edge you created on your back piece with 3/8" + 3/8" (1cm + 1cm) folds. If you curve the bottom corner you may decide to do a smaller memory press to get around the curve 1/4" + 1/4" (6mm+6mm).
  1. Once you have cut your pieces and decided on your closure method you can go ahead and sew your garment according to the tutorial. When you look at the pictures in the tutorial they show one back neck but you will have 2 back necks on your garment. If you have a collar piece then close the ends of the collar before sewing to the neck edge. The collar end will stop at the shoulder seam.
  • If your back neck is bound the binding will end at the shoulder raw edge on the free side of the neck
  1. Button and loop option: Before sewing the free shoulder edge and side edge on the back you will need to add a button loop to the outer corner of the shoulder seam. Position the loop next to the inner memory fold
  • Hook and Loop tape: This can be added to the shoulder at the end
  1. Collar and back neck facing option: Sew the collar and back neck facing to the neck edge as per the tutorial method. Then use the back neck facing to close the shoulder and side edge using the usual 3/8" (1cm) seam allowance. Use a 7/8" (2cm) seam allowance on the side edge. You will be sewing along the inner memory fold. Lower edge of facing should be memory pressed onto the wrong side of the facing
  • Clip the corners and turn the facing through. Your back neck should look like this:
  • 1/8" (3mm) topstitch around facing folded edge, then 1/8 (3mm) topstitch back outer edge folded edge. Hem back with front hem. If doing a curved corner then continue topstitching onto hem.
  1. Bound Neck Option: Bind neck as the tutorial finishing the binding at the shoulder raw edge on the free side of the neck.
  • 1/8 (3mm) topstitch back outer edge folded edge. Hem back with front hem. If doing a curved corner then continue topstitching onto hem.
  • If doing button+loops then add the loops to the shoulder seam now
  • Sew binding to the shoulder seam using the same technique as the neck and tuck the ends under at each end when folding the binding around the raw edge of the shoulder
  • Fold binding under on shoulder seam and topstitch closed like the neck binding
  1. Button+loop option: sew buttons to neck or collar and shoulder seam to match loop positions
  • bound neck
  1. Hook and loop tape option:
  • Sew hook and loop tape to shoulder area at the end
  • Collar option
  • bound neck option:
Enjoy the look of a "pull over" style with the ease of movement!