How to make a Button Cuff for your Driftwood
Do you love the dreamy, floaty look of the Driftwood blouse, but sometimes need to roll up your sleeves?  Here's a quick modification that combines the beautiful finish of the cuffed long sleeve with the practicality of a sleeve you can push up.  Use some special little buttons to add a lovely, functional detail to your Driftwood.


  • Two small buttons
  • Two 5cm lengths of thin elastic cord (a hair elastic works well)
  • The Driftwood Long Sleeve pattern piece, trimmed off at the line for the cuffed version
  • The Long Sleeve Cuff pattern piece (trim 2cm off length)

    How to Sew a Button Cuff

    Begin sewing the Driftwood, following the tutorial up to the section for the Gathered Sleeve Cuff, then make the following changes:

    1.  Finish both side edges of the Sleeve pieces with an overlocker or zigzag stitch.

    2.  Mark each side seam with chalk/fabric marker 2.75" (7cm) up from the hem edge.

    3.  Fold the Sleeve side seam over 3/8" (1cm) and press to create memory folds between the hem edge and the chalk mark.  If your Sleeve side seams have not been finished with an overlocker, double fold the side seam between the hem edge and the chalk mark 1/4" (0.6cm) and press (this will enclose the raw edge).

    4.  Before attaching the Cuff piece, make sure you have trimmed .75" (2cm) off the cuff length

    Attach the cuff as described in the pattern tutorial EXCEPT the cuff will hang over each end of the folded side seams 3/8" (1cm).  This photo shows the RIGHT side of the cuff piece attached to the WRONG side of the sleeve piece.

    5.  Cut two 5cm lengths of thin elastic cord.  Fold the elastic in half and tack it onto one end of each cuff.  The elastic should be on opposite ends for each sleeve so that when it is worn they both point the same way.  The elastic will be tacked to the RIGHT side of the cuff (photo shows the elastic tacked to the RIGHT side of the cuff with the WRONG side of the sleeve facing up). 

    6.  Close the ends of the cuff with a line of stitching that sits flush with folded edge.

    7.  Turn the cuff through so that the right sides are out and finish as described in the pattern tutorial.

    8.  Continue sewing the sleeves as described in the pattern tutorial.  However, when sewing up the side seams, stitch from the chalk mark you made earlier to the blouse hem.  DO NOT sew between the chalk mark and the cuff.

    9.  Finish the folded back open section between the chalk mark and cuff with some neat topstitching.  Stitch across the top of the split to reinforce the side seam and stop it pulling open.

    10.  Attach a pretty button to the end of the cuff without the elastic. 

    Push up your sleeves and enjoy your button cuff Driftwood Blouse or Dress!

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      ~Images by Angela Schade~