How to Make a Ruffle Sleeve Driftwood Blouse or Dress

Making this sweet ruffle elastic sleeve is simple - it only requires one extra row of stitching to create a whole new look.

The Ruffle Sleeve option described here is only suitable for the long sleeve Driftwood. 

This method will reduce the length of the sleeve slightly.  You may wish to add additional length to your sleeve before cutting (the more length added, the more the sleeve will "balloon" above the elastic casing), or you may choose to have a slightly shorter sleeve length, which is a lovely look as well.   

Sewing the Ruffle Sleeve

Follow the instructions in the tutorial for Preparing the Sleeve Cuffs, as per the Elastic Sleeve option. 

1.  Create the first 3/8" (1cm) memory fold as described in the tutorial.  

2.  Make the second memory folder wider than described in the tutorial - instead of 5/8" (1.5cm), we will press the second memory fold at 1.5" (4cm).

Sew the garment as per the tutorial instructions until you reach the section for Finishing the Elastic Sleeve Hem.  Use these instructions instead.

3.  Refold the sleeve memory folds, then stitch 1/8” (3mm) from the folded edge, just catching the top of the fold as shown in the photo above.  Leave an opening to insert the elastic.  

Elastic Ruffle Sleeve option

4.  Stitch another row a tiny bit wider than 1/4” (6mm) so you can thread the 1/4” wide elastic through.  Do not leave a gap.

 Ruffle Elastic Sleeve Option

5.  Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and thread the elastic through the sleeve casing. 

 Ruffle Elastic Sleeve Option

6.  Overlap the raw ends of the elastic 3/8” (1cm) and stitch them together securely. 

 Ruffle Elastic Sleeve Option

7.  Stitch the gap closed, then distribute the gathers evenly around the elastic.

 Ruffle Elastic Sleeve Option

Repeat for the other sleeve.  

Yay, you now have a super sweet ruffle elastic sleeve.   I quite like using this method to add a sweet little ruffle to the legs of the Tree Climbers too!

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~ Cover image by Tracey Biletic ~