How to make a Back Keyhole Adult Driftwood

The adult size Driftwood Blouse and Dress pattern is designed to have the keyhole opening with ties or a button and loop closure at the front, however it is a simple change to move the keyhole opening to the back, creating a pretty and subtle detail.

This blouse, made with a merino wool knit, features a plain front and a V-shaped keyhole with ties at the back. Unlike the Children's Driftwood, which is reversible, the Adult Driftwood has a slightly more refined fit with specific front and back pattern pieces.  Moving the keyhole to the back simply involves tracing a back facing piece and transferring the keyhole markings.

For more information about sewing a knit Driftwood Blouse (including how to add a band at the hem, as pictured here), have a look at this post on the Twig + Tale Blog: How to Make a Knit Driftwood Blouse.


How to Make a Back Keyhole Opening


  • Front and Back Driftwood pattern pieces
  • Front Facing pattern piece
  • Blank paper for creating your Back Facing pattern piece
  • A pencil for tracing

1.  The Back Facing piece will be the exact size and shape as the top of the Back body piece.  Trace around the top of the Back body pattern piece (the neckline and part way down the seam that joins with the arm), making the height of the Back Facing pattern piece roughly the same as the Front Facing piece.  I made mine 14cm/5.5" high, which gave plenty of room to accommodate the keyhole. 

2.  Transfer the keyhole marking (V or teardrop) from the Front Facing piece to your new Back Facing piece, as well as the Cut on Fold marking.  Cut 1 Back Facing piece from your fabric.  You will not need to cut a Front Facing piece. 

3.  Transfer the keyhole marking (V or teardrop) from the Front Body piece to the Back Body piece, as you did for the Facing piece.  Remember to omit the keyhole when you are cutting your front piece.  

4.  Finish the keyhole as described in steps 2-12 of the Driftwood tutorial - just remember that where the tutorial refers to the Front piece, you will be using your Back piece instead. 

Sew your Driftwood as instructed in the tutorial. 


The Twig + Tale Blog is home to a number of simple tutorials that allow you to modify your Driftwood and achieve even more looks with this versatile pattern.  Read more about the Adult Driftwood Blouse and Dress here:

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    ~Images by Angela Schade~