The Driftwood Blouse + Dress - Necklines and Closures

The neckline and closures provide plenty of scope for customization with the Driftwood Blouse + Dress.  The pattern offers two different shapes of keyhole cutouts, and your choice of ties or a button and elastic loop for a closure. 

Using a contrast fabric for the ties or a treasured button adds a lovely detail.  And of course, the closure can be worn at the front or the back, providing two different looks to choose from.



The Keyhole Opening

The Driftwood Blouse + Dress pattern offers two options for the keyhole opening at the neckline: a rounded teardrop shape or a 'v' shape.  The tutorial will guide you step-by-step through sewing a beautifully-finished facing for the keyhole. 


The neckline features two different choices of closure: bias ties, or a button with an elastic loop. 

On the left is a teardrop keyhole with ties, and on the right is a v-shaped keyhole with ties.  Using a contrast fabric for the ties adds a lovely detail:

Of course the ties can also be worn at the back:

One of the lovely things about the button closure on the Driftwood Blouse + Dress is that it only requires one button!  My daughter enjoyed going through our jar of treasured buttons (which are mostly single buttons, so of limited use for many garments) and picking out a favourite to use on her blouse. 

Use a small loop of elastic cord (a hair elastic works well), for a closure that is easy to fasten - even on wriggly little ones.  These two lovely blouses feature button and elastic loop closures:

Finally, here are two examples of how the v-shaped keyhole can be made with no closure at all, giving the blouse a more casual look. 

Lots of options for you to play around with, and create something truly unique.

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~ Lovely images by Lottie Chaney, Natasha Christmas, Regina Burns, Anne-Mari Orgla, Deirdre Osborn, Sarah Beasley, Sonja Den Biggelaar and Saskia Bregazzi ~