The Driftwood Blouse + Dress - Necklines and Closures

The Driftwood Blouse + Dress features a bound neckline that provides plenty of scope for customization.  The keyhole cutouts, binding, and button-and-loop closures are all lovely details.  And of course, it can be worn front-back for even more versatility!  

The Keyhole Opening

The Driftwood Blouse + Dress pattern offers two options for the keyhole opening at the neckline: a rounded teardrop shape or a 'v' shape.  The tutorial will guide you step-by-step through sewing a beautifully-finished facing for the keyhole - a simple but lovely detail that makes the Driftwood special!



The neckline features a button and elastic loop closure, but also works well with a simple binding and no closure.

The closure requires only one button, so it's the perfect project for using those extra-special one-offs from the button jar.  My child enjoyed sorting through the jar to find a favourite to use on her blouse.  

Use a small loop of elastic cord (a hair elastic works well), for a closure that is easy to fasten - even on wriggly little ones.  These two lovely blouses feature button and elastic loop closures:

Finally, here are two examples of how the v-shaped keyhole can be made with no closure at all, giving the blouse a casual look. 

There are lots of options for you to play with so you can create something truly unique.

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~ Lovely images by Nat Ghys, Genevieve Ouellet, Deirdre Osborn, Sarah Beasley, Sonja Den Biggelaar and Saskia Bregazzi ~