The Driftwood Blouse + Dress - Dress Options

The Driftwood Dress is the perfect combination of pretty and play-friendly.  The loose fit and elastic waist mean that the dress is comfortable to wear and easy for little ones to move around in.  Made in a light and flowy fabric for warm weather, or a heavier fabric with good drape for cooler weather, this dress is sure to become a favourite for all seasons. 

Dress Lengths

The Driftwood Dress features all of the neckline and sleeve options of the blouse, plus a knee-length skirt and optional inseam pockets (pictured on the left in the illustration above). 

As an added bonus, a number of modifications to the dress are available on the Twig + Tale Blog.  The variations include the above-the-knee Driftwood Vintage Dress (centre above) and the full-length Driftwood Maxi Dress (right above).  Both of these variations are easy to make - simply shorten or lengthen the skirt pattern piece by the amount specified in the blog tutorial. 

Now for some examples.  This lovely version features the knee-length skirt and short sleeves with a gathered cuff:

Another knee-length version, this time with long sleeves, elastic cuffs, and a statement ruffle:

Here are examples of the length modifications.  On the left is the Driftwood Vintage Dress, with a sweet above-the-knee length.  On the right is the Driftwood Maxi Dress, with an elegant, full-length skirt:

 The A-line Driftwood

The final dress variation is the A-line Driftwood Dress.  This loose, easy silhouette is oh-so-comfortable to wear.   Details on how to create the A-line dress can be found here.

We hope you enjoy sewing the Driftwood Dress and exploring all of the variations.

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~ Image credits: Andree Corbeil, Jocelyn Buggie, Regina Cecylia, Shelley Althage ~