The Driftwood Blouse + Dress - Neck Ruffle

The Driftwood Blouse + Dress - Neck Ruffle

Ah, the Driftwood ruffle, sigh.  So classic, sweet, and romantic (can you tell how much we love this option?).  Strictly speaking, the neck ruffle qualifies as another neckline option, but the pattern testing group produced so many beautiful, dreamy ruffled garments that it just had to have it's own place in the sun.


The Neck Ruffle

The neck ruffle has two width options: regular and statement.  As with the other options, it works well with the closure in the front or the back. 

The beautiful flowered blouse at the beginning of this post features the regular-width ruffle, paired with a tie closure.  Here is another example of the regular-width ruffle, this time on a long-sleeved gathered-cuff blouse with the closure in the back:

This little one is wearing a dreamy short-sleeved, tie-front blouse with a statement-width ruffle:

And finally, this short-sleeved blouse features a statement-width ruffle, with the ties in the front.  I love how this little cutie demonstrates that ruffles are appropriate for any occasion - including puddle jumping!

No matter which ruffle option you choose, it is bound to be delightful!

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~  Gorgeous images by Dilmi Perera, Carlien Jongeling, Olesya Redina and Shelly Althage.

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