Common Pattern Fitting Alterations for Men's/Straight Fit Patterns

Twig and Tale has a growing collection of patterns in our Men's/Straight Fit size chart - and this post celebrates that! If you sew Men's or Straight Fit patterns for yourself or a loved one, here is a list of fitting guides to help you make garments with the best possible fit. 

The  Men's/Straight Fit patterns are offered in two ranges: 30-52" size range, which carries directly on from our children's sizes and also includes free youth/tween sizing, and the 46-66" size range which runs to a 66" (167.5cm) chest and a 66"(167.5cm) hip.  

Note that "Straight Fit and Curved fit" aren't a reference to "plus-sizes", but rather body shapes (curved meaning having a bust).  It is a naming convention that offers an alternative to traditional gendered labels. 

One of the many wonderful things about sewing is being able to create clothing that fits well and feels comfortable.

All T+T patterns include instructions for blending sizes in the tutorials, and sometimes that is enough to achieve a great fit.  However, if you need a more technical pattern adjustment, we offer a wide selection of fitting guides here on the Twig + Tale blog.  These will help you step-by-step to modify pattern pieces specifically to your measurements. 

 It takes a bit of extra time at first, but once you've adjusted the pattern pieces, they can be used again and again, resulting in garments that with a custom fit.  We think you'll love the result!

Here is a collection of our most popular pattern fitting tutorials for our Men's/Straight Fit patterns.  Each one provides detailed instructions and illustrations to guide you through modifying the pattern pieces and achieving a custom fit.  

Fitting adjustments for tops


Fitting adjustments for trousers


 Fitting adjustments for footwear

We encourage you to give some of these fitting tutorials a try - most of them are quite simple to do, and can really improve the fit of your handmade garments!  If you have any questions or would like to share your Twig + Tale garments, join us at our Twig + Tale Chat Facebook group.  

You can read more about our Men's/Straight Fit size range here.