Holiday Gift Guide

Creating unique, handmade gifts is one of my favourite parts of the holiday season.  With Christmas just around the corner, we're here with some of our favourite handmade gift ideas for you to make for your loved ones.  

We've included plenty of projects that are simple and quick to sew, as well as some projects that are more involved, but produce beautiful, heirloom-quality gifts.  


We love open-ended playthings that spark the imagination.  Here is a selection of handmade gift ideas that will appeal to the young, and the young-at-heart.  

Toadstool Village - These little woodland-inspired toadstool houses are irresistible, open-ended toys that also happen to make lovely décor.  Customize a set with felt cutouts, buttons, trim, or embroidery.

Wings - If you have time to take on a more involved project, wings make an extra-special gift that is sure to bring joy.  Inspired by nature and fairy tales, they are perfect for pretend play.  Did you know that they're available in adult size too?  

Nature Baskets - Another more involved project, with a lovely heirloom-quality result, nature baskets make such a lovely gift for children.  (Tip: I like to use the small-sized baskets, without a hood, to tote around my embroidery and knitting projects - they have many uses beyond playthings).

Traveller Cape - Sew something new for the dress-up basket.  With a child's boundless imagination, a cape has magical transformative powers and is perfect for pretend play.  The Animal Cape includes options for fifteen animals and is just so much fun!   


Handmade, seasonal treasures create cherished family traditions.  I like to add one or two new handmade decorations to the collection each year.  

Animal Stockings - These charming animal stockings have so much personality and are sure to become cherished holiday keepsakes.  Stitch a different animal for each member of the family, then fill them with treasures.  

Mini Stocking Advent Calendar - Sew a collection of tiny stockings to make a homemade advent calendar.  Perfect for using up scraps of fabric and trim, and just big enough to tuck in a tiny treat or message.  Bonus, it's a free pattern! 

Christmas Embroideries  - A collection of festive hand embroidery designs that will be sure to put you in the holiday spirit.  We've even created a collection to celebrate a summertime Christmas!

Warm and Cosy

For those in Northern climes, the holidays are all about cosy.  These gifts are perfect for taking off the chill and keeping loved ones wrapped in the warmth of handmade goodness.  

Aviator Hat - Our take on a classic style, this cosy hat is perfect for winter adventure. 

Alpine Hat - This collection of cosy hats that is perfect for upcycling sweaters and knit fabrics, and the extensive size range (preemie to adult XL) means you can make them for everyone.  Another very quick project, perfect for making last-minute gifts.

Evergreen Bonnet - A sweet little bonnet, with fun options for animal ears.  The free Reindeer Add-On is a perfect addition for the holidays!

Pixie Hat -  The ultimate quick project, the Pixie Hat is such a simple sew.  This is a great choice for children who would like to make and give handmade items too.

Wayfarer Shoes - These soft-soled indoor shoes offer simple comfort for all seasons.  Available in a full range of sizes from tiny baby to men's 15, they are a perfect scrap-buster, and are quick and fun to sew.  

Tie-Back Boots - These cosy slipper boots are perfect for padding around the house.  There's an adult version as well.  

Animal Shoes - What's the best way to make slippers fun to wear?  Add animal faces of course!  These sweet little shoes are available in baby sizes too.  

Animal Boots - For children and adults, these slipper boots are cosy and fun.  With a wide range of animals to choose from, you're sure to find a favourite.  

Leaf Blankets - These cosy, nature-inspired leaf blankets are so versatile.  A cuddle blanket, play mat, change mat, 

Animal Hot Water Bottle Covers - Do you use a hot water bottle?  I've enjoyed mine for years, and have now converted friends and family to this simple, low-tech pleasure.  These hot water bottle covers are a lovely, comforting gift for all ages. We have a pattern for an embroidered version too.

Warm-weather Gift Ideas

For those in the Southern hemisphere who are headed into the summer months, here are some handmade gift ideas that are suitable for warm weather.  

Leaf Blankets - For toting along to the park or beach, leaf blankets make perfect picnic blankets or play mats.  The doll-sized blankets are lovely wee playthings, but can also be used as placemats, table runners, or chair pads.  

Riverstone Bonnet - A sweet, brimmed bonnet that is perfect for warm summer days.  

Sunny Hat - This simple, reversible sunhat is available in a full range of sizes (preemie to adult L).  Customize it with the recipient's favourite colours and patterns for a unique and useful gift.  It's pictured here with the Flower Add-On.  

Fisherman's Vest - For your favourite explorer, make a Trailblazer Vest with the Fisherman's Add-On, so they'll be ready for adventure.  It's also available in men's sizes.   

Gifts for Sewing Friends

The sewing community is made up of such a wonderful group of kind, creative people.  Here are gift ideas for friends who sew.

Twig + Tale Gift Card - Give the gift of T+T sewing patterns, or perhaps drop a hint to family that you'd like one...

Tailor's Pressing Ham - This is such a useful sewing accessory for those who sew garments.  You may not know that you need one until you try it, but this is a gift that will be appreciated by sewists!

Free Patterns

Waldorf Crayon Roll - This simple roll-up crayon case is designed to hold Stockmar crayons, and is a quick gift for little artists. 

Sunny Hat - This simple, reversible sunhat is available in a full range of sizes (preemie to adult L).  Customize it with the recipient's favourite colours and patterns for a unique and useful gift.  

Fabric Face Mask - We thought about whether to put this one on the list, however decided that gifting masks can be a generous and loving gesture.  Keep safe.  

Toadstool Ornament - These whimsical toadstool ornaments are quick and simple to sew.  Make a bunch for the Christmas tree, use them as gift tags, or simply create a bowl full of them to delight young and old.

We hope that you enjoy sewing and gifting beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade items to your loved ones.  However you celebrate, we wish you and yours a joyous holiday.  

Please feel free to join us in the Twig + Tale Chat Facebook group to share your projects, ask questions, or look for inspiration.  

~ Images by Brigitte Erhart, Chloe Chew, Jo Benayoun, Amanda Esther, Jess Ross, Michelle Hoolihan, Caitlin Burns, Valerie Dufort, Suzanne Holsted, Lorna Parker, Shelley Althage, Ruth Phillips, Angela Jensen, Kelly Nash, Lisa Spearman, Jeanique Kats, Angela Schade, Viki Kube ~